Maroon Country Jamaica

Hi! My name is Bill Evans and I was introduced to Jamaica in 1983 by Peter Bentley, a Jamaican who owned and operated “Sense Adventures” from Jack’s Hill in Kingston. For about 9 years following that first visit, I had Peter plan my yearly and, sometimes twice a year, trips all over the island from river rafting to sunrise on the top of Blue Mountain. I slowly fell in love with Jamaica and the fire burns fiercely in my soul today. I have been (unofficially) helping adventure travelers to visit some of my favorite places at no charge to them. The owners of facilities I place the tourists with give me a rebate on my next rental with them so I can defray some of my phone and ISP costs. In those early days, the train was running from Kingston to Montego Bay which provided easy access to areas such as: Catadupa, Maggotty, Accompong, Stone Inch, etc..

Around 1990 I made my first visit to the home of the Windward Maroons, Accompong. This was a magical visit for me and caused me to come back to over and over again! I feel that I am respected by the residents and participate in some decisions and discussions on matters affecting the Maroons such as the National Park discussion taking place at this time. I have been promoting visits and stayovers in Accompong for the past couple of years.

I would like to extend a small invitation for interested parties to contact me so I can refer you appropriate people to arrange a visit/stayover.

Respect Bill Evans

Need help in planning your adventure travel while in Jamaica. Feel free to email me at the following addresses : [email protected] OR [email protected]