Militancy In The Pursuit Of Freedom

Militancy not passiveness

Will set the people free

It is known to every Oppress

That has proclaimed liberty

Militancy not passiveness

A difference you will see

One stands for prompt action

The other you sing, "we shall overcome"

Militancy not passiveness

Then captives will be free

From savage and oppression rule

To justice and equality

Militancy not passiveness

It is for you to see

Four hundred years of slavery and colonialism

Will now become history

Militancy not passiveness

One God, One Aim, One Destiny

Now comes the end of tribulations

By any means necessary

Militancy not passiveness

United we must stand

To claim our rightful portion

With true determination

Militancy not passiveness

All oppressors now must flee

We know of the French, Russian and Cuban Revolution

What is due to the people must be.

Militancy: Yes!

Passiveness: No!

Dedicated to all freedom fighters especially Huey Newton and Malcolm X. The walls of oppression and injustice cannot be demolished except in a rain of bullets. Be mindful that violence is not the monopoly of the oppressor and so the oppress can use it AND do not mistake violence for the offence of the oppressor as been met by the defense of the oppress. The only remedy against oppression is to take up arms.

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Kharl Daley