My boyfriend left me for the US, can the landlord kick me out in one day?

QUESTION: My boyfriend who rented property in downtown left for the United States. He got married so he could stay over there and the landlord found out. He told me that I need to leave before the end of this month. I don’t have anywhere and he wont give me time to sort myself out. My boyfriend is not working as yet so my question is can the landlord kick me out? 

RESPONSE: Thank you for writing in. If the landlord tries to evict you he will be doing so illegally as you have not even been served a notice to leave. It is recommended that you visit the Rent Board or an attorney immediately. In order to evict you, the landlord will have to serve you a notice. When that notice expires if you are still in the property he has to take you to Court. When you go to Court, you have the right to defend your position. You can either defend yourself as the new tenant, or you can explain that your boyfriend is the one in contract with the landlord. Please speak with your boyfriend and get an understanding of his intentions, although you seem to be suggesting that your boyfriend is committed to paying the rent.

Legal Wiz