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My British cousin is arrested in Jamaica, I need an update?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

Last week you assisted me in finding out where my cousin, who is a British National, was, after he called that he was arrested. I tried to call the police station and I keep getting the runaround. I dont know what happened since you gave me a court date. I need to find out and to send some monies to him.. will he get it?

There are also documents we need to retrieve from him, and others we have that need his signature.

Shana Stewart

RESPONSE: Dear Shana,

You will need an attorney to assist you further. Practical things that can be done before you secure an attorney is to make contact with the station where he was held, and with the arresting officer for an update or to get a message to him.

Your cousin was allowed access to his clothes when he was arrested, and the government provides food for all prisoners in Jamaica. If you need to send additional things to him, you need to work it out with someone who is willing to represent your interest here. At some point if your cousin remains incarcerated you will need to empower that person with a power-of-attorney document to act on your behalf.

With the help of the attorney, you will be able to get an update on what transpired in court, including any sentence or fines involved. If your cousin needs continued representation, the attorney should be able to set up a payment plan.

Contact us again for any further assistance by our team.

Legal Wiz

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