My daughter’s boyfriend does not want to leave my house
QUESTION: Dear Legal wiz,
I left my only child, a girl to take care of property I own in Jamaica. She and her boyfriend are living there for over five years now, but I have the title. Recently, my daughter called me to complain that her boyfriend and her broke up, and instead of moving out, he is threatening her. 
I need for him to leave us alone. My daughter says she went to the police and they sent her to the court for assistance. The Court Clerk recommended mediation, but my daughter says she does nor want mediation as the boyfriend doesnt help her in any way and is being very abusive.
Rosalee Edwards
RESPONSE: Dear Rosalee,
The boyfriend did not enter premises as a tenant, so the only person who can get him to leave is the person who is listed on the title as owner, or someone with documented authority from that person.
To assist, you have two options. First, you can either sign a notice to quit and ask someone to hand it to him. You also can give your daughter or someone on who you can rely a power of attorney document to act on your behalf. That person can take the power of attorney document along with a certified copy of the title to the Court and remove him without having to serve a notice.
You daughter should also take steps to get a restraining order against the exboyfriend.
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Legal Wiz