My parents need to sell Jamaica house, but my brother’s wife wont leave…

Good Evening Legal Wiz, My problem is this. My parents own a house in Jamaica. When they migrated to the USA over five years ago, they left my brother there. The plan was that when his filing came through, for him to migrate, the house would be sold. Five years ago, he migrated but his girlfriend and their young child remained their with my parents permission. They eventually got married, even though my brother lives in the USA. They should have lived there for only a year, but as they promised to buy the house, they were allowed to live rent free. Eventually, earlier this year, my parents got another buyer and decided to go along with the sale. The problem is that brother’s wife is saying that she is not leaving because she has no where else to go. There was no official agreement as far as rent is concerned, and as no money is being offered for the purchase of the house, my parents still need to sell the house.  What can they do? She has been living there rent free from that time and now she states that she is not leaving. What are my parents rights? How can they solve this problem?
Thanks, Worried

RESPONSE: Dear Worried

Your parents need to serve the girlfriend with a notice to quit. That failing, actions can be taken through the Court. You may contract the services of a legal team member or an independent attorney to assist.

Legal Wiz