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Office Romance -Mixing Business with Pleasure?

People spend an average of 8 – 10 hours per day (40 – 60 hour per week) at the work place interacting with each other. Sometimes they are forced to work in a confined area almost invading each other’s space. Close association provides an opportunity for one to observe, appreciate and admire the other person’s generosity, physical appearance, intellect, strength of character etc. People who share similar interests, values, tastes, aspirations and goals are more likely to spend more time together hence close social interaction may lead to close physical contact.

Vault’s 2007 Office Romance Survey
The survey was conducted in early January 2007 and is comprised of 575 responses from employees across the U.S.A

From the findings above it appears that almost half of the workforce has either been involved in an affair at work or have strongly considered it.

Upside of office romance

  • Happy workers –look forward to coming to work everyday even on week ends.
  • No issue with working overtime – Get much more accomplished
  • Good team spirit – keep the love in the family
  • You may just meet the love of your life- and live happily ever after

Downside of office romance

         One or both persons loose focus and   become distracted
         Causes discomfort to other employees especially when there is an open display of affection
         Jealousy and insecurity set in
         Claims of favouritism and discrimination
         Break up can be very stormy and embarrassing
         False allegation of sexual harassment
         Voluntary/involuntary separation from job
         Complications in relationship –woman gets pregnant , wife gets involved, other co-worker in love with same person
         Embarrassment and disgrace to one or both persons

         Most times the most powerful ( boss ) stays and the least powerful ( secretary ) goes
         Shame and scandal in the family


         Keep it professional – Be a good actor/actress

         Be sensitive to your co-workers
         Avoid ugly confrontation with your romancee
         Discuss terms & condition of the relationship with your romancee
         Be conscious of the fact that your romancee has to interact with other colleagues at the work place especially those of the opposite sex
         Be aware of the company’s rules regarding “corporate affairs”
         Maintain self- control
         Be discreet and tactful


         Loose focus of your job responsibilities

         Compromise your standards –values

         Start the affair if you know you can’t manage it ……like liquor, leave it if know you can’t handle it
         Abandon/neglect your friends at work
         Kiss and tell

“Dating on the job is like eating at your desk; invariably it is going to get messy.”   Mark Oldman, Co-founder and   Director of

     Rule of thumb: If you can’t be good then be careful


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