15 Photos That Are Way Too Real For People Who Grew Up In Jamaica

Playing in the rain was fun

Playing in the Rain by ddreadkidd

Photo by ddreadkidd

You loved playing in the nearby river

Playing in the River by jamaicapics

Photo by jamaicapics

You could play “See-Saw” for hours

Playing See Saw by v2volunteers

Photo by v2volunteers

You loved to play “Pretend”

Pretending to be the Police by kingallstar187

Photo by kingallstar187

Balancing on one foot while holding your ears was a form of  punishment at schools in Jamaica

There was always a kid in the neighbourhood that “force ripe”

Riding on a bike - Photo by gabsy_b

Photo by gabsy b

Running wheel race with your  friends was fun

Running Wheel - Photo by Neenach

Photo by Neenach



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