The Political Parties

People’s National Party (PNP): Founded in 1938; Led by Rt. Hon. P.J. Patterson.

People’s National Party (PNP)
89 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6
Tel: 927-7805/0159; Fax 927-4389
Leader: Rt. Hon. P. J. Patterson.

Jamaica Labour Party (JLP):Founded in 1943 as the political wing of the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union; Led by Rt. Hon. Edward Seaga.

Jamaica Labour Party (JLP)
20 Belmont Road, Kingston 5
Tel: 929-0987/0995/1276; Fax: 929-1276
Leader: Rt. Hon. Edward Seaga.

The Natural Law Party of Jamaica was officially inaugurated on January 5, 1996 and our First Public Press Conference was on Monday, February 12, 1996, at the Wyndham Hotel, New Kinston. The Jamaican NLP then became the 46th Natural Law Party to be formed since the very first one in the United Kingdom in 1992. There are currently over 80 Natural Law Parties worldwide.

Natural Law Party Headquarters
C/O 21st Century Integrated Medical Centre
Shop OF3, Overton Plaza, 49 Union Street, Montego Bay, Jamaica
Phone: (876) 971-9107-8 Fax: (876) 971-9109
E-mail: [email protected]

United People’s PartyTHE United People’s Party (UPP), Jamaica’s newest political organisation was founded in Wednesday, August 14, 2001.
Leader: Antonnette Haughton-Cardenas
National Democratic Movement(NDM) : Founded in October 1995; led by Mr. Bruce Golding, formerly of the JLP.

National Democratic Movement (NDM)
15A Old Hope Road, Kingston 5
Tel: 920-7848/9; Fax: 920-7846
Leader: Mrs. Hyacinth Bennett