Popular And Cute Baby Shoes

Parents buy shoes for their babies knowing that they will not be using them to run a marathon or perform in a ballet. The function of baby shoes is a little different from that of adult shoes. Style and appearance are the major factors influencing the purchase of baby shoes. Cuteness is a relative quality, but it is of prime importance when selecting shoes for Baby, it seems.

Though, the function of baby shoes is slightly different from those of adult shoes, they still share some basic similarities. They need to protect the fragile feet, and hold up to crawling around, and possibly a bit of drool. And while adult shoes go through much more than this, the fact still is, almost any baby shoe will hold up just fine when the baby is not yet walking. Thus, the other reason parents buy baby shoes is just to show off their baby’s cute shoes to friends and other people.

Things become more interesting from here.

It is generally believed that cuteness is accomplished in a baby shoe through the miniature size of its every feature.

A closer look at babies will reveal a startling fact: they are not really very attractive creatures. Not with their big heads and pudgy features. The real thrill many get out of babies is just that they are tiny, and somewhat odd versions of us. This is the same with baby shoes; they look like smaller, pudgier versions of our footwear.

Along with this cuteness, there are certain designs that are more popular among baby clothes, and baby shoes, than among adult clothing. Things like butterflies, hearts, and especially little cute baby animals make a very popular design for decorations on baby shoes.