Rastafari Comparison to Christianity And Judaism


Key Person (s) His Imperial Majesty(HIM) Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia (1888 – 1975)JesusGod and Abraham of the bible.
FounderFounder – Joseph Hibbert, Leonard Percival HowellJesus ChristAbraham of the bible.
Date 1930A.D. 30-332000 B.C.
LocationJamaicaMiddle EastMiddle East
Key WritingsBible (New and Old Testament), The Holy Piby, "The Royal Parchment Scroll of Black Supremacy".The Bible (New and Old Testament)The Tanakh (Old Testament). The first 5 books of the Old Testament called the Torah are especially important.
Who is God?Haile Selassie is the living God and black Messiah. God is Triune (One God in three Person, not three gods)God is a spirit.
Who is Jesus?He is the son of God. Because there is no set Rastafarian Theology, there are varied views on who Christ is. One thing that Rastafarians agree on is that Christ was Black. Someone say he is a prophet. He is called Eyesos Christos (Christ in Latin). Some say Emperor Haile Selassie is the reincarnated Christ.Jesus is the second person of the Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) and is coequal with them all.To some Jesus is the false Messiah and to others he is a martyred Jewish Rabbi. Some say he never existed.
Who is the Holy Spirit? Some say Emperor Emperor Haile Selassie is the Holy Spirit in flesh.The third person of the Trinity.Some Jews believe it is God’s love and power.
Salvation Believe in Emperor Emperor Haile Selassie. Follow most of Rastafarian version of Jewish Law.Salvation is by God’s grace once you believe in your heart the death and resurrection of Jesus.Prayer, repentance and adherence to Jewish law.
What Happens After Death Most Rastafarians believe that Ethiopia was Eden. After death you go to Heaven which will be the new Eden.Physical Resurrection at the final judgment. Those who believe in Jesus will live with him forever.Physical Resurrection for the obedient who will live forever with God.

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