Risto- Rebel

The Risto-Rebel is stuck between a rock and a hard place. They desire to be both a Risto and a Rebel simultaneously. The origin of those who think they are Risto-Rebels:

Friends of children of prominence and wealth – These are individuals who have aligned themselves into a Risto clicque. They get all the benefits of being the friend of a Risto .

Big Name Gone Sour – These individuals may have had a family member of prominence or notoriety, until death or scandal resulted in their fall from grace with the sometimes fickle Jamaican public.

Nick Names
Like Risto they dislike nick-names. If they do have a nick name it tends to reflect personality ( Laffy, Stucky, Chino) rather that status.

Risto-Rebels are bi-lingual. They can speak like the Risto and the Rebel. This is one of their strongest assets and has helped them to develop an accent that is not too strong or weak. They are known to translate for Ristos and Rebels. (Sound clip coming soon)

The Risto-Rebel wears name brand clothing, usually with a crest somewhere on the garment. The crest serves a very important purpose in the Risto-Rebels ensemble. For what purpose one might ask? The crest is there to impress the Risto-Rebel’s Ristocrat friends. In contrast however, some Risto-Rebels may don Pacos, Linen, and "Buckers" in an attempt to emulate the Rebel. To "fit in" with both social circles, the Risto-Rebel may smoke cigarettes when in the company of the Ristos and drink a front-end-lifter when with the Rebels.

Favorite Foods
They like to have the best of both worlds.

Favorite Drinks
Depends on who they are hanging with.

As a Risto-Rebel you have to like all types of music to blend in.

They like the interests of both the Risto and Risto-Rebel, but are more sports and travel oriented.

Depends on who they are hanging with. They do however follow calypso music more than the Risto or the Rebel.

To try their "darndest" to get to the Risto level.