Round Up JA! A look at the social media happenings of Jamaicans Yaad and Abraad for the week ending May 10 2013!

Shakira Martin: (Twitter: @SHAK_STAR) Shout out to all teachers!! The people that make the world go roun’! #Teachers

Warren Weir: (Twitter: @Warren_Weir) Happy Teacher’s Day to the greatest ever Coach Mills! #Respect

Cedella Marley: (Facebook) A nice treat to cook for mom on Mother’s Day…Jamaican steamed fish with bammy…It is my mom’s (RitaMarley) absolute favorite

I-Octane: (Instagram: @realioctane) Brothers, mother and mi chargie

Tyson Beckford: (Instagram: @tysoncbeckford) My bro and me getting it in “2chainz”!

Rohan Marley: (Facebook) ‘come with your heart and soul’ JAH RASTATFARI LOVE! #onelove

Tifa: (Instagram: @itsthetifa) #tbt @iamtamichynn Can u believe that Certified Diva is 3 years old?

Wayne Marshall: (Twitter: @Wayne_Marshall) I’m learning everyday…knowledge is the key #evolution #work #focus

Busy Signal: (Instagram: @busysignal_turf) Chill a bit inuh #antigua #teamturf #turfmovement #teambusysignal

Chris Gayle: (Facebook) Pepsi IPL Song 6 Featuring Chris Gayle Oh Yes Abhi!