Sample Man Samples Steve Harvey at Sting

As if trying to sample a move from his fellow and now infamous comedian Steve Harvey, who recently committed a colossal error when he incorrectly named Miss Colombia as the winner of Miss Universe 2015, comedian Sample Man somehow managed to foul up the introduction of dancehall’s emerging beauty queens – Abby Dallas and Tabeta Cshae – at Sting 2015. With Tabeta having already performed one song and waiting on stage and Abby making her way onto the stage, the smooth-talking Sample Man, looking in Abby’s direction, directed a string of sweet compliments to the angel approaching the stage then incorrectly asked the audience to welcome on stage Tabeta.

Abby and Tabeta did not allow Sample Man’s gaffe to unnerve them, as Tabeta announced Abby, who immediately launched into an impressive rendition of From My Heart, one of several hit singles that have made her a solid candidate for Best New Female Artiste in 2015. Abby and Tabeta then alternated between songs; however, what was shaping up to be an outstanding joint performance from the two beauties was sabotaged by sound problems. Despite these difficulties, Abby and Tabeta maintained their cool through the remainder of their performance.

Their looks, talent, and professionalism suggest that Abby Dallas and Tabeta Cshae could have long and successful careers in the music business. While we watch their careers develop, Sample Man could do another sample – this time of Steve Harvey’s apology to two beauties.

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