I am your secret admirer

the words sound of your voice

soothes my inner spirit soul

caught my attention

as i turned up the car stereo

the bass i can’t resist

pumping sweet melodic

reggae beat reminds me of

my past lover you n sweet Jamaica.

i pull over to

*you’ll be forever and always in my heart*

with a giggle as if we juss met

am mesmerized transparent to u

my body began to move swaying

side to side at the rhythm of the

instrument beat.

while i hum sing then whisper ur song

with a wild imagination visualizing

myself running dipping my naked feet on

the island beach

as i dance freely to the

sweetness of your voice

for a moment

i am your secret admirer!

©2005 Maxine Foster

*from the song”Pride & Joy, by Beres Hammond