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Travel Advice Q & A: Do They Stamp Your Passport in Jamaica

We asked our facebook fans to help answer a question submitted to us by email:  Help Answer a question traveler to Jamaica submitted to us: Now that it is a requirement for you to have a passport to travel to the Caribbean I was wondering whether they still stamp the passports?


    B. Farris  – yes they stamp them and they ask you all kind of questions.

    B. Farris  – Especially if you go to Kingston

    H. TheClown  – They always stamp mine – cant wait to be back!! Big UP!

    Y. Samuels  – Yup

    J. Donegal-Stewart  – Yes they do……….

    C. Blackwood  – Yes

    S. Thompson  – Yes was just in the yard at Kingston with my husband n they stamped mine .. I am a travel agent also

    K. F Williams-Wood  – It has been a requirement since 2007 and they do stamp your book, scan your eyes and take your fingerprint once you come back in the USA if you are a just a resident. If you are a citizen they stamp your book

    C. Fix  – yeah mon! mine was stamped in March 2010 and 2011 mo bay 🙂

    S. Zurione Hutchinson  – Yup… and God knows don’t over stay…. I can speak on that one… lol

    D. Campbell  – Yes most definitely they do stamp your passport.

    M. Adams-Blair  – I’ve always been stamped

    K. West Thompson  – Ditto fi sure

    N. Kelly  – Of course they stamp the passport they have to keep track on everyone

    I. Henri  – Of course they do! What would be the purpose of having a passport then? You have a specific amount of time that the folks in Immigration stamp in the passport, that allows you to legally stay!

    R. R. Aquart  – Yeah

    D. Edwards  – They MUST

    C. Leslie Jackson  – When you’re on a cruise they don’t stamp. I was very disappointed with that. All you need is your cruise card.

    K. Hubbard Oglesby  – you can ask for a stamp

    J. rulingherqueendom Williams  – Yes the still stamp them.

    R. T. McLennon  – yes they do!

    R. Cobbs n  – yes they still do stamp the book

    K. Carter  – Mine has been stamped in MoBay Sangster Airport

    A.Daley  – Yes they do !!

    B.e Marybeth Mc – Leod Yes they do!!!!

    L. Baldwin  – Oh yes an i treasure all 6 of mine from 2006 till the 7th in a couple months the hassle of customs is soooo worth it luv tha yaad
    G. Harris- McLean you have a choice, they generally ask if you wanted it stamped

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