Statement by the US Embassy following Senate hearing

The United States Government respects the results of Haiti’s democratic process to withdraw confidence from the Government of Prime Minister Michelle Pierre-Louis.  The future of Haiti is in the hands of Haiti’s people.

Madame Michelle Pierre-Louis has been an intelligent, informed, responsive, and valuable representative of her country’s interests and an important partner in Haiti’s ongoing dialogue with the United States.  Her and her Government’s efforts at post-hurricane reconstruction and economic development merit special commendation.  We have been honored to work with Madame Pierre-Louis and with her Government; we will be fortunate if the positive working relationship we have enjoyed with the Haitian government under her leadership continues under the next Prime Minister.

These developments come at a critical time for Haiti when the United States and its partners in the international community have stepped up efforts to bolster Haiti’s democratic, economic and social well-being.  We look forward to the swift confirmation of a new Prime Minister in accordance with the democratic process.  We are concerned that this change in leadership at this moment might affect the enthusiasm and efficacy of efforts underway to engage investors and other partners in support of Haiti.  We therefore urge that a new Prime Minister be confirmed with minimal delay.

We encourage all Haitians to work together and with the international community in a spirit of cooperation to address Haiti’s many urgent needs and to keep Haiti on a path towards sustainable development.  (End of text)