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Summer Festivals

Summer is the festival season in Grenada. Guests to the Island can enjoy a variety of cultural events that celebrate the spirit of Grenada and its people.

June 29, 2007 commemorates the feast day of St. Peter and St. Paul, known locally as ‘Fisherman’s Birthday’. The historic town of Gouyave in the parish of St. John is the main venue for the day’s events. Members of the fishing community and other water enthusiasts gather to have their boats and nets blessed. After the ceremonies, revelers are invited to enjoy a series of boat races, fishing displays and late evening parties

From August 3 – 6, 2007 the 42nd Annual Carriacou Regatta Festival will be in full swing. This wildly popular festival celebrates the indigenous art of boat building handed down by the Irish and Scottish ancestors of the Islanders. The competition is fierce as boat teams from around the Caribbean gather in Carriacou to race their vessels. On land, partygoers enjoy a variety of traditional activities including donkey racing, greasy pole climbs, a ‘Miss Aquaval’ Queen Show, wet t-shirt contests and a variety of sporting events. For more information on the 42nd Annual Carriacou Regatta Festival, visit

The second week of August marks the biggest festival in Grenada, Carnival. Renowned throughout the Caribbean, Carnival is a celebration of the Island’s culture and history. Months before the actual festival parishes around Grenada hold bard competitions to advertise singers that will participate in the festival shows. Carnival finds the streets filled with masqueraders depicting devils and making social commentary that reflects events of the past year. Steelbands and DJ’s fill the air with music that will not end until the early hours of morning.

Visitors can enjoy the brilliant pageantry of the street festivals including elaborately costumed Fancy Mas bands, steelband competition and Quadrille dancers. For more information on Carnival, visit For more information on festivals and events in Grenada, visit

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