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The Top 11 Kabaka Pyramid Songs

Born in Kingston, Jamaica as Keron Salmon, his worldwide legion of fans know him as Kabaka Pyramid. A multi-talented artist, he sings and plays guitar, writes lyrics, engineers recordings, and produces tracks. Pyramid sound is so unique, he immediately began making headlines. His style is a fusion of hip hop, dancehall, and reggae that disseminates a positive message of spiritualism and conscious evolution that’s mesmerizing. Even Pyramid’s name is an emblem. His first name is Ugandan for “king.” His surname symbolizes ties to the enduring quality of the pyramids in Africa and Kemetic roots.

Through his music, he has brought a message of positivity to audiences around the world through extensive touring dates. His “Well Done” track in 2015 was a global success and he’s developed an impressive catalog of work, many of which achieved Billboard’s Top 10 charts. The Jamaica Reggae Industry Association named him Breakthrough Artist of the Year in 2013 and he won Best Reggae Recording by Canada’s Juno Awards.

Pyramid believes in giving back and is involved with a variety of projects for children. He worked on the Africa Unite School Tour designed to bring Rastafari to South Africa. He is also a member of Manifesto Jamaica, a non-profit organization that works with Jamaican youth to empower them through art and culture.

1. Reggae Music

2. Warrior

3. Meaning of Life

4. Liberal Opposer

5. Well Done

6. Revolution of the Mind

7. Make Way

8. World Wide Love

9. Never Gonna Be a Slave

10. Can’t Breathe

11. Borders

Photo: Kabaka Pyramid’s Facebook

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