Book Review – The Prince of Day Begone by Winston Cohen

Born of two worlds and blessed with the incredible genetic powers of the changeling, the dauntless prince must face his awesome destiny, as mighty forces clash in the forbidden and dangerous Cockpit Mountains and Valleys of Jamaica. This area is the traditional home of the legendary Maroons who for 200 years bravely fought a bitter guerrilla war against the English colonial soldiers to attain their freedom from slavery and oppression. Here, in this dreaded terrain, an exciting adventure unfolds as the powerful American military machine confronts incredible alien technology from the far-off Andromeda Galaxy. Read in wonder as the great secrets of the ages are revealed, in a riveting and tremendous climax in the haunted and desolate caves of darkness. Can the courageous Prince of Day Begone and his faithful friends conquer the relentless powers of darkness, and show a new pathway of hope, peace and justice to mankind’s troubled world?

Winston Cohen was born in the Parish of St. Andrew on the beautiful Island of Jamaica. He attended Kingston College where he received a wonderful education and was very active in the sports of athletics, cricket and soccer.

After graduating with a university of Cambridge certificate in arts, Mr. Cohen taught English, history and geography at various high schools on his Island home.

Winston immigrated to the United States where he worked with the New York telephone Co. as a technician, mainly in the black and Hispanic neighborhoods of Harlem and Brooklyn. Exposed to the intense social suffering of this almost underground nation, that unfortunately mirrored similar conditions in his homeland, he was inspired to write a story of hope and enlightenment for mankind.

With no weapon in his hand the hero of my story used pure knowledge and attunement with the universal mind of love to show a future filled with bright prospects for all people, and happily will open new pathways of love, peace and justice.

I have written a fantasy adventure novel filled with dramatic suspense and spiritual enlightenment. Three hundred pages long, it is mostly set in the remote and desolate Cockpit Country of Jamaica.

The area is the home of the legendary African People known as Maroons, who had stubbornly and bravely fought the English Colonial soldiers, and settlers for over two hundred years to attain their freedom from slavery.

Into this mighty tribe of warriors came a visitation of a great space ship from a distant galaxy. The travelers sought the healing radioactive waters of the silver whirlpool to soothe their dying king.

The commander of the tremendous mother ship fell in love with a princess of the Maroons and their union produced the Prince of Day Begone, the hero of our story.

Blessed with the awesome genetic powers of the changeling, the prince tried to live a normal life in the politically corrupt and downtrodden country of Jamaica. His efforts to help the poor people of his homeland ended in tragedy.

He was accused of being a rebel, and hunted down relentlessly by ex-detective Harrigan of Scotland Yard, and his band of killer dogs.

Also hot on the trail, was the remorseless Inspector Parks of the Security Forces and his A.D., the beautiful Sergeant Foster, who was to fall hopelessly in love with the prince, now a shadowy fugitive.

Lurking in the wings with their mighty weapons of war was the American military machine, eager to get their hands on the fantastic space ship that was left behind by the visitors from the stars.

In a riveting and terrible climax, The Prince of Day Begone used the astonishing spiritual and technological forces at his command to conquer his enemies and turn them into his allies, thereby bringing upliftment, prosperity and peace to the beautiful country of Jamaica, and ultimately serve as an inspiration to other struggling nations.

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