They killed my brother, I need to get his things at Jamaica police station

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

I live in Kingston. My brother was killed 4 yeas ago in the country. The investigating officer has informed me that the murderers were sentenced recently, and that I needed to collect the items they retrieved when my brother was killed. I went to collect the items and I got a run around. The police at the station told me I need a letter from an attorney or paralegal. I also asked them about things such as my brother’s bank books, that a man who said he was my brother’s partner is holding on to.  They did not answer that, but told me to get the letter and return for the items, as that same man had been trying to claim the items at the station. I need help. Can you help me? Do I have a reason to be scared?

Paul James

RESPONSE: Dear Paul,

So far, from what you said there is no reason to be scared. You have not indicated that you received any threat, and you are dealing with the police from that area. You should however take precautions in any dealing you have in general, and trust your instincts.

The letter you seek is simply to ask for the handing over of items, assumed to be your brothers. At some point you should have been shown these items and asked to sign a witness declaration document. Along with the letter requesting these items to be handed to you, you need to provide proof of kin, and proof of history of the case in summary. For these reasons and more, it was recommended that you contact either an attorney or paralegal. It is also wise to empower that person with a power of attorney document to act on your behalf. 

Additionally, it may become necessary to apply for Letters of Administration, if your brother did not leave a will. This will authorise you to act on his behalf where other estate exist, and even in dealing with the man you claim is holding on to items that were owned by your brother. 

In the meantime, you should have a demand letter sent to him.

There are members of our team which can assist you further for fees. 

Legal Wiz


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