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Tips for Finding the Perfect Swimwear

When it’s swimsuit season, every woman trembles at the thought of trying to find swimwear that will flatter her on the beach or pool-side. The right suit can make the difference between an enjoyable experience at the beach or one that you’d rather forget. One hint from experts is to try on swimsuits that are two sizes bigger than what you normally wear. This gives you the chance to see what is really comfortable for you.

Even if you are hesitant to go up a size, don’t get caught up in the number. The right fit is what counts. When you find a suit that you like, lift your arms, bend over, sit down, and walk around to make sure it is not going to gather or ride up.

With so many styles of swimsuits on the market, it is important to take note of what works for your body and what does not. For example, when shopping for a bikini, make sure the stomach portion of the suit lies flat against your stomach but is not too tight.  If it is too tight, your stomach will bulge causing more harm than good.

And when choosing patterns, remember that vertical stripes are more flattering than horizontal stripes.  In fact, striped patterns with different sized lines look the best.

When trying on a swimsuit bottom, make sure your skin is not bulging from the waist or leg area.  If it does, again, try going up a size.  If the problem is still there, consider a different style bottom. In general, a bottom with a leg opening an inch below the hip bone is the most flattering.

Remember, bottoms stretch when they get wet.  Make sure the bottom fits snug enough where it won’t look droopy when it’s wet. Boy shorts do not disguise hips, large bums, or large thighs – in reality they only accentuate your problem areas.

If you are looking for a top with an underwire, it should fit like your best fitting bra.  The underwire should lie flat against your skin without any breast sneaking out of the bottom.

For most ladies, side cleavage is an issue.  Starting at your underarm, ¾ of the breast should be covered.  And for large busts, a halter top or an underwire top provides the best support and coverage.  Halter tops with a wider band provide the most support.

When it comes to swimsuits, cleavage isn’t everything.  Most women like to emphasize their bust, but over-padding is not the answer.  Steer clear of large, push-up pads.  The foam holds water like a sponge and tends to pull the top down resulting in a saggy look that is not attractive.

If you want to add a little extra padding to your top, choose a thin pad that looks natural.  Most pads can be cut to fit any style top.  To prevent the pad from slipping, insert the pads into the lining of the top or sew the pads into the top.

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