Make your reservations today

I am one of those people who was born here in the U.S. of parents born here as well. However, there was Mr. Victor Nelson, a Kingstonian and my grandfather!

He gave me my desire to travel Jamaica and learn of my Jamaican heritage and have I been taking advantage of that. I have not only been to the tourist areas of Jamaica but I make it my business to see the other side, the areas where the average people, like myself, live. I’ve been to OCHI, Mo’BAY, NEGRIL, but also to SPANISH TOWN and PORTMORE. I’ve been to BEVERLY HILLS, RED HILLS, and OLD & NEW KINGSTON. In total, I’ve been to Jamaica about 8 times with hopefully many, many mores trips to come. I’ve even turned my husband into a devout Jamaica-lover.

We hope to one day buy some property and build a house there one day for vacationing and retirement…..LISTEN! For those of you who are contemplatiing your first trip to Jamaica… think no more. It is the most beautiful country I have ever seen in the Caribbean. Make your reservations today.

If there are any Jamaicans out there with the last name “NELSON,” I am also in search of my relatives whom I have never had the pleasure of meeting. My grandfather had at least 1 sister by the name of “CISILYN,” I do believe.

Anybody, if you can, a help a sister out! 🙂 MASAI…always and forever!