Top Ten Jamaican Celebrity Quotes of the Week: "Who Said What?"

“#StayAboveCrime cause its not worth it to lose your soul for no reason” – Do you know which Jamaican Celebrity said that this week? See our top ten great Jamaican Celebrity quotes to find out!

“#StayAboveCrime cause its not worth it to lose your soul for no reason” – I-Octane, on his new song ‘Stay Above Crime’ (Facebook: I-Octane)

“My Brazilian back up singers! Had a lot of fun in Sao Luis” – Etana, on tour in Brazil (Facebook: Etana)

“Hellshire on a wed afternoon, jus me and the wifey,fresh fish!!! Nice!” – Shaggy, spending time with his wife (Instagram: @direalshaggy)

“We buy things we don’t want with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like” – Darren Mattocks, on the irony of stuff (Twitter: @Darren Mattocks)

“In the studio with Jennifer Lopez maddddd” – Sean Paul, chilling with Jennifer Lopez (Facebook: Sean Paul)

“There are too many obstacles. We have to educate our people about the benefits of shooting a film here in Jamaica. Our people must know that it’s not good to block roads and delay a film shoot. The authorities must also be educated on the benefits of developing our local film industry” – Paul Campbell, (www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/NO-MORE-MR-BAD-GUY_15082804)

“Yes kissy face that’s the water…swim? No baby we only came to eat…swim? Not today baby *plop* ok I guess we’re swimming. LOl” – Yendi Phillips, enjoying being a mommy (Instagram: @yendizzle)

“Not everyone u see strugglin u must take upon yourself jus say a praya for dem cuz sometime their heart is reason they are in that condition” – Seanizzle, on the irony of life (Twitter: @SeanizzleMusic)

“I’m not trying to please the world I am trying to please God” – Shelley-Ann Fraser-Pryce, a simple solution on how to live life (Twitter: @realshellyannfp)

“Having Japanese with the girls @flowerchild1999 @visionarri kool vibes this is what my Monday should be like” -Dexter 3D Pottinger, chilling with friends (Instagram: @dexter3dp)

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