VIDEO: ​ Jamaican-Born Hubert Evans Earns College Degree at Age 87

Jamaican-Born, Hubert Evans, 87, is the oldest person ever to have graduated from Medgar Evers College. The college, which is located in Brooklyn, New York, awarded Evans a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies on May 24, 2016. The college held a private ceremony to honor him. Evans has worked at Brooklyn College as a safety officer since 1993, but he hopes to pursue a career in social work. Now that he has his BA, Evans plans to go for a master’s degree. Although Evans admits it was “very, very hard” to complete the degree, which he accomplished while working and attending classes full time. He said he studied for four or five hours at a stretch sometimes, and then “by morning you forget everything.” Evans, the father of seven children and the grandfather of 11, advises those who think it is impossible to reach a goal to “always be truthful and strive for the best work.