Bun and Cheese, Fry Sprat and Ten Commandments. Jamaican Easter a di baddes ting

The video is also online on vimeo https://vimeo.com/39920230
Happy Good Frideh
Sorry fi di late vlog, I were sick
before me even describe it, please tek een di following very important tings
1. follow the Help JA Children Campaign on Twitter. Time we clean up some fooliniss weh a gwaan a we yard
2. Check out www.Jamaica50.ca for the list of upcoming activities
Jus caw we nuh de a yard nuh mean we cyaan run een
if yu de a yard, run een pon di big bangarang!
awrite now, so a Easter time, bun a nyam, sprat a nyam and me actually go find ten commandments fi watch ponline
me nuh know bout bunny and egg
a lone bun and cheese me a defend!!!!!
(and 5 hours a church, amen)

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blessed Easter to you!
may your bun always be baked and backed by cheese