Duppy Know Who fi Frighten- Jamaicans and Ghosts

Ever wonder why some people hang a tape measure over the door, or wear red sometimes? Hear about ghosts in Jamaican culture and some famous ghosts in Jamaican history- How to know duppy is around, How to see duppy and finally, how to get rid of a duppy- according to Jamaican sayings. Do YOU believe in ghosts?
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Music credits:
“Sweep da floor” by Elephant Man
“Duppy Know who fi frighten” by Vybz Kartel
“Science again” by Admiral Bailey
“Duppy or gunman” by Ernie Smith

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http://bit.ly/IhVG7r Skellisha di dancing skeleton
http://bit.ly/JiMvDJ Jamaican woman in CVS
http://bit.ly/I3HPmG Mad Man Dancing
http://bit.ly/I3Hq3w Baby laugh
http://bit.ly/I7IzqD Oliver at Large- Must be a Duppy
http://bit.ly/HUIFOM Traditional Jamaican Wake
http://bit.ly/Iflyg5 Man gets chased by cow
http://bit.ly/IhWxVH Twins looking under legs
http://bit.ly/I4cRex Funny Ghost Prank
http://bit.ly/I7IxyX Exorcist movie head spin clip
http://bit.ly/IKjYVg Shorty- I see dead people
http://bit.ly/I4csZC Wile coyote tail catches on fire
http://bit.ly/HZgc92 Dominoes at Little Dutchies Pub
http://bit.ly/IKk7YE A bitchslap in Super Slow Motion
http://bit.ly/JGOVsy Gremlin like dog growling
http://bit.ly/I30Dzz Funny Construction accidents