@JamaicanSinting-Lesson 4- Answers- Learn Jamaican Patois-Possessive Adjectives

This video shows the Jamaican Patois translations of the Possessive adjectives of the sentences given in the Quiz in Lesson 4. Learn how to speak with fluent Jamaican accent and to translate from English to Jamaican Patwa/Patois Language with our online videos. It’s FREE!
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This is a comprehensive free online lessons to help you speak and understand the basics of the Jamaican Patois language. Hear clear pronunciations of the words, and learn how to use them in sentences.
This lesson teaches the patois words for the English possessive adjectives:
My, Your, His, Her, Its, Our, Your (plural), Their

• The Jamaican Patois language is still being officially standardized, so some of the spellings used here in the series, may not correspond with others published. Spellings used here are what the presenter thinks best captures how the words should be pronounced