Life Lessons from a Jamaican Mother- Happy Mother’s Day @JamaicanSinting

There was ALWAYS a lesson behind everything mama used to tell yuh when yuh was a pikni growing up, an if yuh still a grow wid mama, listen up to why shi a seh weh she seh! Learn the lesson behind some of the Jamaican proverbs and sayings your mother always used to say to you as a child. What are some sayings that stuck with you?
Learn how to speak with fluent Jamaican accent and to translate from English to Jamaican Patwa/Patois Language with our online videos. It’s FREE!
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Video Clips used:
Road Runner clip
Kids playing clip
Runway model fall
Treadmill fall clip
Little girl cussing
Baby crawling

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“A song for Mama” by Boyz to Men
“Get vex money” by Red Dragon
“Thank You Mama” by Sizzla