On a Mission: Jamaicans Unite 50th Anniversary of Independence

Happy 50th Anniversary of Independence Jamaica. We honour you with this video and want to show the world that we are proud of our heritage whether we are at home or whether we live in another country.

Video Concept and Edit
Jaynia| http://www.youtube.com/JamaicanSinting

Music Video Intro
“50 Years of Independence” by Dr Michael Abrahams | http://youtu.be/kI0VH9Bu67M

Additional Cool Video Effects

Poem (Written and Performed)
“Dis Place” by Carla| http://www.youtube.com/countryfromlongtime

“The Chase” by http://www.youtube.com/Rickvanman
“Heading to Battle” by http://www.youtube.com/Rickvanman
“The Drums of War” by http://www.youtube.com/Rickvanman
“Jamaica” by Elephant man
“Wanga gut” by Tiger
“Bubble like soup” by Timberlee
“Welcome to Jamrock” by Junior Gong
Jamaican Nation Anthem Arrangement by Jon-Joseph Nepaul with Special Thanks to Toni| http://www.youtube.com/21tonib

Jamaican Scenery Footage
– Diva | http://www.youtube.com/Welcome2DivasWorld

– Oshaine | http://www.youtube.com/858OSHANGO9667

– Dr Erin Burge http://www.youtube.com/ErinBurge

– Mr. Tateru Ishizuka


Talented Jamaican Youtubers in Order of Appearance. Please go subscribe to their channels to support and encourage the talent.
1. Toni| @bellablair21| http://www.youtube.com/21tonib

2. Chad and Vince| @ChaddyBwoy and @PrynceVynce |http://www.youtube.com/yaadbouy

3. Tina | @thefancyfaced | http://www.youtube.com/thefancyfaced

4. Diva | @DivaDoesMakeup |http://www.youtube.com/Welcome2DivasWorld

5. Daneille | @DaneilleMUA | http://www.youtube.com/Ms876beauty

6. Leroy | @ftdonline | http://www.youtube.com/FreshtilDeathonline

7. Holmique| @holmique | http://www.youtube.com/Holmique

8. Jaynia | @JamaicanSinting | http://www.youtube.com/JamaicanSinting

9. Jungle Barbie| @JungleBarbie1| http://www.youtube.com/user/Pecadora99

10. Carla| @Mooremayhem| http://www.youtube.com/countryfromlongtime

11. Ro | http://www.youtube.com/Meallybug

12. Oshaine | @oshaynie_shayne |http://www.youtube.com/858OSHANGO9667

13. Kim| @Kikimayne | http://www.youtube.com/user/exquisitefacesjm

14. Michelle| @CheAlleD | http://www.youtube.com/michyGW

15. Lyric | @LyricRochester | http://www.youtube.com/JamaicanMakeupArtist

16. Jon| @Madwhitejam | http://www.youtube.com/MadWhiteJamaican