Oraine Barrett for Bonita Jamaica

This video was is uploaded for Bonita Jamaica. Find out more about Bonita Jamaica here (copy and paste these links in the address bar of your browser):


Big up Oraine Barrett, straight! Spotted Oraine at the Rhona Fox, Inc. Uplift Jamaica charity event at Club Rehab in New York City on November 18, 2008. Big up ZYNC TV for capturing this footage for Bonita Jamaica.

Who is Oraine Barrett? Well, he is a world famous male model. Look in GQ Magazine and you will see him advertising some big things. If you were at this year’s Fashion Week in new York you would see Huge Posters with him on it. Again, Big up Oraine Barrett and wish him well. By the way, Oraine is 100% Jamaican. Bim!

See you in Jamaica.