Teejay’s Drift Named Jamaican Music Video of the Year

Teejay, a young Jamaican Montegonian, has emerged as a significant force in the dancehall music scene as his video for his song Drift was voted “Jamaican Music Video of the Year 2023” in the Best of Jamaica survey competition. An annual survey conducted by Jamaicans.com, the Best of Jamaica competition highlights rising stars and champions of the Jamaican culture and brand through the votes of Jamaicans across the world.


Growing up in a music-filled environment, Teejay released his first official song at the age of nine, a clear indication of his early passion for music​​​​​​. These days, he is known for his versatility as a singer-songwriter, rapper, and producer, Teejay has nearly 12 years of experience in the music industry.



“Drift” The Viral Sensation

Teejay’s music video for “Drift” was voted as the Jamaican Music Video of the Year by Jamaicans across the world for the fresh versatility it brought to the dancehall scene. The song, which Teejay told Dancehallmag he had initially considered “trash,” blends classic 90s dancehall with Afrobeats elements, illustrating his innovative approach to music production. “Drift” quickly became a viral hit on TikTok, garnering over 20 million views and sparking numerous dance challenges worldwide. Its popularity extended beyond Jamaica to major cities like London, New York, and Atlanta​​​​.

The Making of “Drift”

The music video for “Drift,” directed by Lagikz, played a pivotal role in the song’s success, amassing over 1.2 million views on YouTube shortly after its release. Teejay credits the collaboration with producers DJ Mac, Panda, and Top Braff Music for the track’s creation. Interestingly, the dance associated with “Drift” was created before the song was recorded.

Impact and Future Projects

Teejay’s success with “Drift” has significantly impacted his career, with the artist acknowledging it as his biggest reaction to a music release to date.nHe has since released two remixes of the viral hit; one with Afrobeats superstar Davido and the other with New York-based artist French Montana. The song’s popularity also ensured its inclusion in his forthcoming EP, “I Am Chippy,” which features collaborations with other dancehall favorites, including Shaggy and Skillibeng. This EP is expected to further showcase Teejay’s talent and versatility in the dancehall genre​​.