VIDEO: Cockpit Country Is Our Home

A 28 minute educational video about the biota of Cockpit Country, the interior western region of Jamaica. Through breathtaking, intimate footage you get to experience Cockpit Country’s environment and the animals found there. The video explains the interconnected ecology of Cockpit Country, the role of trees and plants such as Bromeliads, and features Jamaican bats; the Jamaican Slider Turtle; the Jamaican Laughing Frog; the Jamaican Yellow Boa; a variety of birds including Doves, Pigeons, Yellow and Black-billed Parrots, Olive-throated Parakeets, Hummingbirds, the Jamaican Tody, and the Jamaican Woodpecker; Snails; and Anancy, the Golden Spider. Made especially for a Jamaican audience, it is narrated by residents of Cockpit Country who represent a cross-section of ages, and features the on camera talent of Lorna Williams Christie, Susan Koenig, and Wayne Francis.

Funded through a grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Produced by Esther Figueroa, Vagabond Video, for Windsor Research Centre. For more information and to purchase the video, contact Windsor Research Centre at [email protected] and visit Windsor’s website: