WATCH: An Amazing Jamaican National Pledge Tribute

In Honour of Jamaica’s Heritage Week and Heroes Day which just past, this video was created as my reflection on our heroes sacrifice and re-dedication to our responsibilities we all have as citizens of Jamaica. We all made a pledge, we said the words, and some of us probably sang the song. This video serves as a reminder and message to everyone. Somehow it seems like many of us have forgotten that pledge we made.

If you are like me… a Jamaican raised on this land .

Let us honour our heroes so that they would not have sacrificed so much in vain….. I hope this video can make a difference to even one soul. If it does, it would all be worth it.

If you feel the way I do, share it. May my voice become yours.

This video is 1 and half years in the making to accumulate the visuals you see here. It was shot completely in 4K and the cost to produce this video is higher than I am willing to state. .
If this video can make a difference to even one soul, it would all be worth it.
This production was inspired, produced, written, narrated, shot and edited by Jamieson Daley.

Singing Vocals sourced from CPTC.

However, many others were involved in some way, too many to name, but you all know yourself. I must however give recognition to KIG Kingston Industrial Garage for all the support safely moving me around the island with their dependable and off-road capable vehicles. Also, Kanopi House for supporting and sheltering me so often in the attempt of capturing the beast which is Portland (my favorite parish to explore).

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