WATCH: How to make Authentic Jerk Pork! Oven Style

Today we’re learning how to make Deddy’s HIGHLY REQUESTED oven style #JerkPork ! You guys enjoyed the HECK out of Deddy’s #JerkChicken and the requests for the pork keep coming! So we’ve GOT YOU! Making your jerk marinade FROM SCRATCH is going to set your meal apart from the rest! Welcome to Deddy’s Kitchen! Ask any Jamaican “how they learned how to cook” and they’ll all tell you the same thing… Real Jamaicans **WATCH** & LEARN!

🗣❌VERY IMPORTANT NOTE❌: This video was filmed BEFORE we realized just HOW MUCH our YouTube family despises Sasha’s hands being in the shot🤣, so we will be keeping that in mind going forward! Anything to better your watch experience! We love you guys, just remember to be kind in the comments. No disrespect on this side. That’s not how family works over here. Xo

I hope you all enjoy this detailed walk through! I know many of us are used to the IG TV versions during this #Quarantine , but we’re so glad you’ve all pushed us to also use this platform! We appreciate you EVEN MORE for following us here!

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You guys are gonna KILL IT! We can feel it! Until the next meal.. #NyamAhYuhYawd 🇯🇲🇨🇦STAY HOME & STAY SAFE! 🇯🇲

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