WATCH: Jamaica’s Dancehall Scene Ignites with Antaeus’ Latest Hit ‘Ganja’ Featuring Jah Vinci

Fresh off his Grammy win with Julian Marley for Best Reggae Album, Antaeus delivers another banger, along with “World Singer” Jah Vinci and A-List producer Notnice. “Ganja” is an Electro and Dancehall mashup. The official video premiered on the Monom Records YouTube channel in April and was directed by Linkz. It features 2024 Dancehall Queen Raquel Cautiion and was filmed at the world-famous Water Lane Murals in Downtown Kingston, Jamaica.

Jah Vinci’s lyrics echo while the breakdancing unfolds: “Wake up this morning right after mi pray mi a light up a spliff…” and “Chalis man a bun the high grade man a bun marijuana mek mi feel so high.”The song was recorded at Antaeus’ Monom Records studio in Kingston, Jamaica, and mixed at Antaeus’ Contrackz Music, in The Bronx, NY. It was mastered by Grammy®-winning engineer Alex Psaroudakis.

Jah Vinci is known for his unique vocals

Jah Vinci (stage name for Kirk Rhoden) is a powerful singer from August Town, Kingston, Jamaica. He has the amazing gift of capturing the exotic island rhythms and cultural music of his island nation. His velvet sounds have withstood the wear and tear of time, and he rightfully calls himself “The World Singer.” He was a part of Vybz Kartel’s Portmore Empire.

Jah Vinci

A new 420 anthem

Jah Vinci said about Ganja, “Really looking forward for this record to be out. Different vibe, different energy. As a ganja smoker myself, on 4:20 this is the song I was blasting. I know the people will like this track. The chemistry in the studio working with Alexx and Notnice was wonderful, and we have another hit.”

Antaeus said, “This project is about Jah Vinci’s immense talent as a singer, meeting a fresh electro riddim. Plus, once again I got to collaborate with Notnice, an “giant” producer who, despite his success as one of dancehall’s greatest contributors, he remains humble and easy to work with.”

Alexx Antaeus

Notnice said, “Working with Alexx was a great experience and a great vibe. Alexx’s energy in the studio and during the video shoot was out of this world. Bigup sir Alexx.”

Not Nice

Photo – Monom Records