WATCH: Legendary Jamaican Food!! 🇯🇲 Suckling Roast Pig in Lamb’s River, Jamaica!

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Lamb’s River, Jamaica – About a 45 minute drive into the mountains from Montego Bay is the very small village of Lamb’s River, Jamaica. It really is the countryside. But their legendary Lamb’s River roast suckling pig, stuffed with jerk rice, is what has put this small village on the map. #Jamaica #JamaicanFood #Caribbean


Along with Matt (…), one Saturday afternoon, we decided to drive to Lamb’s River for a taste of this amazing Jamaican food.


They only serve it on Saturdays, and you have to be there right on time, or you’ll miss out – they sell out quickly. Most regulars are there as they arrive. The amazing family has been roasting suckling pigs like this for generations, and they continue to cook and serve in the same manner. The pig is unloaded, and immediately you start order and they dish it out. You order by the pound – a foil wrapper of fresh home-style roast suckling pig, with extremely crispy skin, with a scoop of jerk rice which is cooked inside the pig.


You can taste the fruitiness of the scotch bonnet peppers and the sweetness of the allspice berries, paired with the meaty deliciousness of the roast pig. And that skin!


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