WATCH: Living in Jamaica Apartment Tour + Life in Montego Bay

Welcome to Montego Bay, Jamaica! During our trip there, filming videos about Jamaican food and culture, we rented an apartment right near the beach in Montego Bay. In this video, I’ll give you a full tour of our two bedroom apartment, and also do some walking around the area. The apartment was located in a little bit of a tourist main area of Montego Bay, but with plenty of small shops and restaurants around. Location was ideal. #Jamaica #MontegoBay #travel


The day before we filmed this apartment tour, we had met up with Mark and Sky while eating Jamaican jerk bbq. We figured out we were staying right next to their office at Island Routes – and so the next morning, they invited us over to their office to hang out, have coffee and some unique Jamaican snacks. Mark and Sky who work at Island Routes.


Great place in Montego Bay, and we had an amazing time in Jamaica.


Friends in the video:



Favourite Jamaican dish?