WATCH : This 17-year-old From Ghana Makes Wooden, Electric, & Solar-powered Motorbike

This is 17 years old Samuel from Ghana. An African child with natural skills and capabilities to build solar powered electric motor bikes, washing machines, vacuum cleaners among other things even with the scarcity of resources and lack of opportunities. He can either become a very industrious adult and an assetto the continent or another person who only dreamt of a future he could’ve had if he had the support and right opportunities.

How long are we going to sleep on such wunderkinds. This is one of the many reasons why the unity of Africa
is crucial.

The similarities of problems across the continent and the need for solutions by the desperate youth of this generation of Africans requires unity.

Samuel, Kantanka, Innoson motors should not be left to wane off, instead let’s support these gifted individuals
to build a better Africa.

My name is Efo Selasi
This channel’s main focus is to promote Unity among Africans,
encourage young entrepreneurs and share our story.

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