Christopher Martin — “Just Like You” Official Video

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Tributes to Mom are such a staple in reggae, you could probably spend your entire Mother’s Day running “mama tunes.” (Here, this will get you started.) Songs about fathers are a little more scarce. Last year for Father’s Day, however, crooner Christopher Martin went ahead and answered his hit “Mama” with an equally touching tribute to his father, “Just Like You.” A year later, Chris is back with a video for “Just Like You,” directed by Ruption of Jamaica’s RD Studios, and he’s given us the exclusive premiere just in time for Father’s Day this Sunday. Watch the video, featuring a cameo from Chris’ own father below, but first a message from Chris:

I just wanna thank everyone that made Mama a success and an anthem for mothers all over the world. My mother means a lot to me and that was one of the main reasons I did that song. My father and I have just as great a bond so it was only fitting that I did a song for him as well. Happy Fathers Day to all the great and responsible fathers out there. The real GENERALS!!! I’m very proud of this project and I’m happy I got the opportunity to highlight my father who is truly my dadz and my general.