Christopher Martin Under The Influence | Official Music Video

Christopher Martin – Under The Influence | Official Music VideoShot in Jamaica, W.I.

Directed by: RD Studios | Jamaica

Christopher Martin has been singing all of his life. Recognized for his singing talent as child, Chris came to national fame in Jamaica 10 years ago with his victory on Television Jamaica’s (TVJ’s) popular talent competition Rising Stars, launching him into the spotlight. Since that time, Chris has developed a trademark that balances sweetness and swagger with a lot of sex appeal. Chris is a man of this digital age and excelled has with multiple YouTube videos scoring 1 million plus views including “Cheaters Prayer,” “Let Her Go,” “Mama,” “Paper Lovin’,” “Look On My Face,” “Chill Spot,” and most recently “I’m A Big Deal.”

Chris has toured successfully in Japan, North America and Europe, including an eight-nation tour with platinum selling German artist Gentleman, his collaborator on the hit “To The Top.” “That tour opened so many doors for me and made me realize the level reggae music can reach,” Chris remarked. “We were performing on rock festivals in Europe, so when I came back to Jamaica I had a new determination to go beyond the boundaries, so from then, I just started firing.”

“Big Deal” has also made a major impact on Instagram via fellow countryman Usain Bolt sporting an athletic Tee with the title as slogan. The song is also being used on a national radio campaign in Jamaica to promote the KFC ‘Big Deal’ meal. With these accomplishments alone, Chris could hold a place as one of Jamaica’s top trending talents but, there’s more.

Beyond his prominence as a stage performer, Chris is developing as a major recording artist and songwriter. Versatility and vocal excellence characterize Chris’s debut for VP Records, “Big Deal”, due to release Oct 2016. Among the standouts for the album, his latest hit “Under The Influence” is a collaboration with Producer Anju Blaxx (on the Mildew riddim). It is an international hit, with commercial radio play building in numerous markets. The video is directed by RD Studios and convincingly portrays Chris as the ‘international lover.’ In 2016, Chris Martin is making his influence felt on the reggae scene and showing that he’s the real deal.

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