Dancehall Divas of Toronto-Official Super-Trailer

Dancehall Divas of Toronto (aka Dee-DOT) will premiere worldwide on Youtube this Fall and will be available on all digital streams globally. Toronto boasts one of the most vibrant Dancehall scenes in the world and unique to Toronto is the sub-culture that exists in the local dancehall fraternity in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Historically, the key players of the Toronto scene have always been predominantly mature working class individuals who’ve created a powerful social movement that they revel in on weekends. The women in this show are the current stars of the scene. Week after week, you will find them hosting, promoting or celebrating an event. Their businesses and public life have been created from their involvement in dancehall. Learn more about the prolific culture that is DDOT and share in the drama, the lifestyle and the hype.

Nelly [email protected]
Asoya Luxury @asoyafoever
Barbie Dolley @barbiedolley
Lady Hilly @ladyhilly
Nikki Hype @realhypestylez
Sexii Peppa @itsjustsexiipeppa

DDOT Main @dancehalldivas

Executive Producer: Heather Elliott/Elliott PR Group
Head of Camera: Nicholas Campbell/Firstclass Films
Editing/Colorist: Jerome Smith/Flash Film Studios
Production Executive/EA: Audrey Dennie
Assistant to EP: Kara Willamson/Shane Stobbs

(Due to reduced video output, this video differs slightly from it’s original resolution format)


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