Daniel Bambaata Marley Waiting For The War [Official Video 2015]


Official music video for Daniel Bambaata Marley’s 2015 track “Waiting For The War”. Subscribe for more Daniel Bambaata Marley: http://bit.ly/1Y92F8G
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About Daniel Bambaata Marley:
Daniel Bambaata Robert Nesta Marley or simply “Bambaata” as he’s known to friends and fans is a Jamaican-born, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, performer, and producer. As versatile as they come, Bambaata’s sound breaks genre barriers, ranging from dancehall and roots reggae, to Pop that also “highlights an affinity for vintage hip-hop”, as described by Rolling Stone magazine in their 2014 Meet the Next Generation of Musical Marleys article.

From the time he was a toddler, Bambaata was accustomed to living out most of his days on a tour bus, continuously spanning the globe with his family, first appearing in front of a live audience at the age of five with his father Ziggy Marley alongside the Melody Makers. The inspiration of Bambaata’s musical upbringing harnessed his creative energy and affirmed his natural passion for the art of making music and performing on stage, eventually leading him to venture into the studio to produce much of his own music, as he does today.

Already having released music on his father and uncles’ albums and labels, touring alongside Lauryn Hill, and releasing singles with his cousins, Bambaata remains laser-focused on producing, performing, and releasing music consistently.

While inherently influenced by his legendary Marley lineage, Bambaata has and will continue to forge his own identity and proven himself on his own as the complete artist.