How To Make Papaya Punch [lactose friendly | dairy free]

Learn how to make a Caribbean style drink with ripe papaya, which is quite filling and lactose free. Caribbean cookbook author Chris De La Rosa, shows you how simple it is to make a dairy free papaya punch as it’s done in the Caribbean, except we won’t be using any diary.

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For this dairy free smoothie we’ll need…

4 cups coconut milk drink replacement
3 cups diced ripe papaya
2 heaping tablespoon honey
pinch cinnamon
pinch nutmeg

* You can use granulated sugar to sweeten this drink. And soy, almond and rice milk works great if you cannot get the coconut replacement. Traditionally this papaya drink is made with milk, including evaporated milk and sweetened with sweetened condensed milk. But this time we’re doing it completely dairy free.

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