Indubious Wake The Lion [Official Video 2014]

From the new Album – “Wake The Lion”
Produced by Gaudi

Video by Evton B
Concept by Matty T. Wells
Special thanks to Lief Kamhout and Greeley Wells

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“We come to Wake the Lion and we blaze ganja smoke to Zion and we gonna come to blaze di fiyah and we keep chanting down chanting, down babylon (wan fi tell dem say).

What is the semblance of your soul? Lets not get it twisted. You know we common when a we bubbling pon that natural mystic. Too many people put their faith in the scientific. So learn you lesson count your blessing life is magnificent. You know we’re coming once again to wake the lion because the lion is a InI protector. Don’t be dissin’ my creator cuz one day you’ll need him to save ya, save ya soul. Not everything that glitter and shimmer is gold. Too many good people getting stuck in the mold. I aint no jello fellow and I want to keep flyin’. Gather up your vibes, change your life, wake the lion.

Never take me for fool. When a me bring the style me hafi bring a typhoon. Midnight till noon dis-a the wickedest tune! Dhirentula engineering, you’re hearing’ it too. Gather up the vibes and all the witnesses who Overstand the badman and big ?sh we fryin’. Live the prophecy like the Aztec and Mayan. Upon the most high is what we rely on. Slew the beast, at the least, wake the lion.

Its not a gesture. It’s just a miraculous synchronicity, a treasure, an omen like a feather. It doesn’t matter whether the weather is wetter or better because these words will wrap you up and keep you warm like sweater in the winter. Dropping ancient wisdom like Splinter. Youre a shredder concerned with your power, and your money doin’ better. But light warrior we give em something to remember. Tough like a timber january to december. So keep it limber. Flex in the wind like a cedar, a bobber and a weaver, a medicine believer. Open up your heart to the vibes that we trying’. Take your time, change your mind, wake the lion.”