Jab Jab J’Ouvert Toronto Gallivanting | CaribbeanPot.com

In this episode of Gallivanting, we’ll hit Jab Jab J’Ouvert during Toronto Carnival (Caribana) with Chris De La Rosa of CaribbeanPot.com. With performances from Fireman Hooper
@firemanhooper – JW & Blaze @Trini_JW @blazemogul – Iwer George @IwerGeorge – BLAXX @dsBLAXX – Tallpree @tallpree1 – skinny fabulous @SkinnyFabulous and Dj Verse1@djverseone

J’Ouvert is a massive party where goers get themselves drenched in paint, mud and cocoa as they party (fete) the night into morning before Carnival day. It’s usually the official start to all the Caribbean style street Carnival.

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