Jamaica Jerk Challenge The world’s leading Jerk Chefs Face Off

Food lovers gathered in Ocho Rios to witness the first ever Jamaica Jerk Challenge, featuring self-taught Jamaican Executive Chef Cheryl Smith of Cheryls Global Soul in Brooklyn, New York as well as UK celebrity chef, Antony Worrall Thompson. Both chefs took on some of the worlds leading Jerk chefs in an exclusive cook-off, including The Home of Jerk Boston, Jamaica Chef Rupert Bourne and Ocho Rios own Scotchies Jerk Specialist Mark “Max” Miller. The judging panel included celebrated chef authors and key food players including Virginia Burke, Gariel Ferguson and Dennis McIntosh. This highly esteemed team of judges conduct a blind tasting before announcing the winners of the Jamaica Jerk Challenge – Chef Rupert Bourne and Mark “Max” Miller.