@JamaicanSinting-Election Poem (in Jamaican Patois)

I wrote a poem in the Jamaican Patois language to share with my Jamaican friends and family about the elections. It is however, meant for all the world, especially those who love Jamaica and the patois language, to enjoy. The words to the poem are below.

SPECIAL NOTE: * The Jamaican patois language is still being officially standardized, so some of the spellings used here in the series, may not correspond with others published. Spellings used here are what the presenter thinks best captures how the words should be pronounced.

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Election 2011 in Jamaica

by Jamaican Sinting

Yaw eediat bwaie?

A which pawt yuh deh?

Yuh nuh hear seh a election time

Dung a yawd tideh?

Afcourse mi know seh a election

But mi nuh bizniz wid dem and dem tings

How yuh fi seh so?

When a all a wi sinting?

Watch ya man, mi deh a farine now

Mi nuh have no time fi lay lay

When all dem a do a yawd, a run awf dem mouth and n’ave nutten good fi say

Believe mi, Nuh tink mi nuh feel yuh frustration

But now a nuh di time fi throw in di towel and give up pon yuh nation

Undastan seh, not because yuh deh a farine, yuh cyaan mek nuh contribution

A no money me a talk, Caw mi know yuh frequent Western Union

Yuh family and friends back home, down just need yuh dollaz

Dem need you words of wisdom and support, more than any other

Tell dem:

Don’t choose di green or orange, jus because a yuh favorite cullaz

Or run go vote fi Busha Brown, because just fi di election time, him a issue out few dollaz

Think bout yuh choice carefully and vote fi di PERSON, not just the Party!

Memba yuh need the person weh have the most potential fi uplift yuh community

Den, work did di elected person, whoever it may be, to help make things better

Wait, nuh think yuh haffi siddung and wait pon ‘govament’ fi do EVERYT’ING, tell yuh family to be go-getters

Den tell dem, “have integrity, stand up for what is right and just and do well in dem likkle community.

Yes, each a we, home or abroad, have a role to play, don’t forget this important fact

Jamaica Land we love mi seh,

Jamaican Sinting seh dat!!