Just Dread Feel The Conscience [Official Video 2015]


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Just Dread started as an idea which emerged in 2014 by Gobey (Lead Vocals) and P-Gial (Guitars) after they decided that the world will have to deal with the “One Love” ideology of Peace and Unity through Reggae music.

Along with the band co-founders Stylianos Gavrihlidis (Drums) and Dimitris Antonopoulos (Bass) they started rehearsing and finally all the pieces of this musical atlas quickly came together and formed as follows: Gobey (Lead Vocals), P-Gial (Guitars), Stylianos Gavrihlidis (Drums), Dimitris Antonopoulos (Bass), Fotis Athanasiou (Tenor Saxophone), Giorgos Babarakos (Trumpet) and Danae Vlataki (Keys and Backing Vocals).

Just Dread music is a journey between reggae music and african culture combined with sensitive revolutionary lyrics as a message to the modern society approaching the essence of life,humility,love and positivity.
Just Dread’s first ep “Feel The Conscience” was released on July 2015.