Katchafire Burn It Down | Official Music Video

Katchafire – Burn It Down | Official Music Video

Burn It Down out now: https://lnk.to/BurnDownID

Video shot at Homegrown Festival, Wellington NZ

Video Directed by Shae Sterling, Camera Crew Manager: Paul Moss.

Additional footage by Brady Dyer.

Katchafire ‘Burn It Down’ Lyrics

VERSE 1: Ohhh ohhhh no WE really don’t stop, i’m depending on you, you’re depending on me yea, don’t know it don’t knock, according to me you ain’t seeing clearly yea, each level we clock, another level is waiting for you, i will give you the whole lot, will you be my rock? baby cuz i need you buy my side…..oh ooo yea………

VERSE 2: it’s ugly it’s beautiful trust me its cool, there’s something for all walks of life, it’s bubbling on top, simmering a lot, from underneath the moon and sunrise, she loves me she loves me not, as i turn up these petals get me higher, i don’t assume for what, said i want you to love me, i know we’re evolving, i will give the whole lot if you be might rock, baby cuz i need you by my side……oh yea, hmmm you know you want me to burn it all down……

BRIDGE: light it up, burn it down my friend, be my rock, be there till the end, we got fire, fire burn within, heres a lighter if you need to, burn it all down……

RAP VERSE: back on track, jah right here when the crowd react, another hit, stack on stack, gotta call LB, cuz i got the nack, cuz, when its the fire mac, still running games, we ahead of the pack, we burn it down, with a spark from this sound, cuz its how we gonna set it off in this town……..

CHO: fire burning in your town, oh no negative energy we need yea, ooo oooo, gonna burn it up in your town, ooo ooh, you know we gonna burn it on down, burning negative energy yea, no negative energy, oooh oooh yea

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